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      t series

      t series

      The T Series converters from Bel Power Solutions are ideal for battery applications or applications needing up to 500W of output power from their AC-DC converters, or the ability to parallel multiple high-power units, such as in telecom use.


      • Universal AC input range 70 to 255 VAC with PFC
      • DC output for 24 and 48 V loads
      • Battery charging for 24 and 48 V batteries with remote temperature control
      • Power factor >0.96, harmonics according to IEC/EN 61000-3-2, low RFI
      • Very compact 19" cassette (28 TE, 3 U, 160 mm)


      • RoHS lead-free-solder and lead-solder-exempted products available
      • Class I equipment
      • Telecom rectifier applications
      • No inrush current, hot swap capability
      • High power density, rugged mechanical design, all boards covered with a protective lacquer
      型號文檔功率輸出電壓 (VDC)輸出電流 (A)輸入電壓 (VAC)工作溫度 (oC)冷卻方式尺寸 (mm)
      LT1804-7G45545.51085-255-25 to 71Convection-
      UT1201-7G40024.251670-140-25 to 71Convection-
      LT1701-7B1G50054.51085-255-25 to 71Convection-
      LT1240-7ZG40027.2514.585-255-25 to 71Convection-
      LT1740-7DG50054.51085-255-25 to 71Convection-
      LT1740-7DZG50054.51085-255-25 to 71Convection-
      LT1740-7G50054.51085-255-25 to 71Convection-
      LT1240-7ZB1G40027.2514.585-255-25 to 71Convection-
      LT1240-7Z40027.2514.585-255-25 to 71Convection-
      UT1201-7B1G40024.251670-140-25 to 71Convection-
      LT1740-7ZB1G50054.51085-255-25 to 71Convection-
      LT1740-7ZG50054.51085-255-25 to 71Convection-
      UT1240-7ZB1G40027.2514.570-140-25 to 71Convection-
      LT1240-7DZG40027.2514.585-255-25 to 71Convection-
      UT1404-7G45030.515.570-140-25 to 71Convection-
      LT1701-7G50054.51085-255-25 to 71Convection-
      LT1702-7G500481185-255-25 to 71Convection-
      UT1240-7ZG40027.2514.570-140-25 to 71Convection-

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