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      lr series

      lr series

      The LR Series of AC-DC converters represents versatile power supplies ideally suitable for use in advanced electronic systems. Features include full power factor correction, good hold-up time, high efficiency and reliability, low output noise, and excellent dynamic response to load/line changes. The converter inputs are protected against surges and transients. An input over- and undervoltage lockout circuitry disables the outputs if the input voltage is outside of the specified range. Input inrush current limitation is included to prevent circuit breakers and fuses from tripping at switch-on. The outputs are open- and short-circuit proof. Full input-to-output, input-to-case, output-to-case, and output to output isolation is provided. Particularly the outputs exhibit an extended insulation to the case. All boards are coated with a protective lacquer. The case design allows for operation at nominal load up to 71 -C with natural cooling. If forced cooling is provided, the ambient temperature may exceed 71 -C, but the case temperature must remain below 95 -C. A temperature sensor generates an inhibit signal, which disables the outputs when the case temperature TC exceeds the limit. The outputs are automatically re-enabled when the temperature drops below the limit. LED indicators display the status of the converter and allow for visual monitoring of the system at any time. The converters can either be plugged into a 19 " rack system according to IEC 60297-3, or be chassis mounted. Two heat sinks of different size and cooling plates for chassis mounting (option B, B1) are available.


      • 2 isolated adjustable outputs
      • Hold-up time 20 ms
      • Designed according to EN 50155, EN 50121-4, AREMA
      • Fire & smoke according to EN 45545.
      • Immunity according to IEC 61000-4-2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -8, -9
      • Universal input voltage range


      • Class I equipment
      • Inrush current limitation
      • No load, overload, and short-circuit proof
      • Rectangular current limiting characteristic
      • Inhibit function
      • Parallel operation with active current sharing
      型號文檔功率輸出電壓 (VDC)輸出電流 (A)輸入電壓 (VAC)工作溫度 (oC)冷卻方式尺寸 (mm)
      LR2320-9RG 24012/1210/1090-264-40 to 71Convection3U / 12HP cassette
      LRP2320-930012/1212.5/12.590-264-40 to 71Convection-
      LRP2540-930015/1510/1090-264-40 to 71Convection-
      LR2540-924015/158/890-264-40 to 71Convection-
      LR2320-924012/1210/1090-264-40 to 71Convection-

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