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      k series

      k series

      The K Series of cassettes offers up to 150W of power and is ideal for applications with harsh operating environments. The series offers battery charging options, along with many benefits and features for railway and military applications.


      • Compliant with EN 50155, EN 50121-3-2, EN 45545.
      • Extremly wide input voltage ranges from 8 to 385 VDC, and 85 to 264 VAC, 47 to 440 Hz
      • 1 or 2 outputs: SELV, no load, overload, and shortcircuit proof


      • Class I equipment
      • Input over- and undervoltage lockout
      • Adjustable output voltage with remote on/off
      • Rectangular current limiting characteristic
      • PCBs protected by lacquer
      型號文檔功率輸出電壓 (VDC)輸出電流 (A)輸入電壓 (VAC)工作溫度 (oC)冷卻方式尺寸 (mm)
      LK2660-9ERG 14424/243/3100-240-40 to 71Convection3U / 16HP cassette
      LK2320-9ER 14412/126/6100-240-40 to 71Convection3U / 16HP cassette
      LK1301-9ER1441212100-240-40 to 71Convection-
      LK1501-9ER1501510100-240-40 to 71Convection-
      LK2660-7R14424/243/3100-240-25 to 71Convection-
      LK2540-9ER15015/155/5100-240-40 to 71Convection-
      LK2740-7R12825.68/25.682.5/2.5100-240-25 to 71Convection-
      LK2320-9ERG14412/126/6100-240-40 to 71Convection-
      LK1601-9ERG144246100-240-40 to 71Convection-
      LK2320-9RG14412/126/6100-240-40 to 71Convection-
      LK1601-9ER144246100-240-40 to 71Convection-
      LK1001-9ER1285.125100-240-40 to 71Convection-

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